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【LGK3】Cleanroom Wipes
【LGK3】Cleanroom Wipes
【LGK3】Cleanroom Wipes

Cleanroom Wipes - LGK3

25cm X 20cm(±1)/PC,100 (±2) PCS/PACK,30 PACKS/CARTON
Duty level: Medium-duty
Material: Cotton non-woven
Made In Taiwan
Features: Low lint, absorbent and soft, work well with solvents (acid-, base- and solvent-resistant)
Application: Laboratories, clean manufacturing areas, LCD related manufacturing areas, and much more
1. Do not flush products down toilet.
2. Make sure products keep away from children mouth and flame.

【SGS certified】
✓  Low lint
✓  Free of formaldehyde
✓  Free of heavy metals
✓  Free of E. coli
✓  Free of migrating fluorescent agent
ISO 13485
ISO 22716
ISO 9001

Cleanroom & Screen Printing Cleaning

✓  SGS certified, compliant with low lint standard
✓  Ideal for cleanroom cleaning and related equipment wiping
✓  High water and oil absorbent, won't break easily

Cotton Nonwoven

✓  Soft and won't cause surface scratches easily
✓  Low lint and get clean quickly
✓  The cloth is solvent resistant
✓  Stable material source, quality assurance

High Cleanliness

Measure 0.3μm, 0.5μm, 1μm dust to ensure compliance with clean room ratings.

(For class 100~1,000,000 cleanrooms)

Effectively removing stains

The mesh texture improves the cleaning efficiency. The wipe is high oil absorbent, to clean effectively.

Ideal for High-Tech & Screen Printing Industry

Product is SGS certified and mesh texture improves the cleaning efficiency. Suitable for cleaning screen printing machines, cleanroom areas, LCD related manufacturing areas, and much more.

SGS certified

Low lint

Free of formaldehyde

Free of heavy metals

Free of E. coli

Free of migrating fluorescent agent

Standard Management, Quality Product

Contact with international fiber companies to get premium materials, conduct regular SGS inspections, adopt product traceability systems, and strictly control product risks to provide the best product quality.

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