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Nonwoven Product Development

Excellent Development Realize Posibilities

Graminton Non-woven Material Research Center is started in 2002. The center connects with the global fiber manufacturers and synchronize the latest production process. We have capabilities to offer highly innovative, specialized and differentiated products to the market.

Beauty – Development Cases

3-layer Makeup Pad

3-layer: Mesh layer for removing makeup, cotton(middle) layer for liquids absorbs and releases, smooth layer for skin care.
Multi-purpose: Removes makeup and nail polish, moisturizing & maintenance, esthetic & SPA

Healthcare - Development Cases

Flushable Non-woven Cloth

Designs to be flushed down the toilet after use, effectively reduce amount of waste.

Biodegradable Non-woven Cloth

Be made of premium cotton and Lyocell fiber, biodegradable and achieves environmentally friendly.

Wiping - Development Cases

Blue Wave Pattern Cloth

The reusable cleaning cloth has mesh surface for effectively wiping down surfaces or dust.

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