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Non-woven Material Research Center

No Limit to Innovation

With the progress of science and technology, applications of nonwoven fabrics are unlimited. Graminton Non-woven Material Research Center connects with global fibers manufacturers and synchronizes the latest production process. We have capabilities to offer highly innovative, specialized and differentiated products.

Diverse Fabrics

Products function depend on material recipe, structure, weight, and producing method, they can be developed according to market trends.

Natural Fabrics

Synthetic Fabrics

Single Fabrics

Composite Fabrics

Leading Innovation

Graminton is the leader in innovation of nonwoven products, we connect with global fibers manufacturers and synchronizes the latest production process. 

Take our botanical sheet mask cloth, 0.028cm thin and transparent sheet mask, as example, the material is extract from Eucalyptus. In addition, the development of flushable cloths achieve environmentally friendly and also called an eco-friendly sheet mask cloth.

Six Development & Manufacture Advantages

Market Insight

As a nonwoven product leading company in Taiwan, we pay attention to technology foresight and invest in niche markets.

Quality Material

Contact with international fiber companies and nonwoven manufacturers to get premium raw materials.

Customized Capability

Integrate professional knowledge and R&D technology to recommend suitable products or set production conditions for customers.

Hi-tech Equipment

Introduce advanced automatic and precise machines to meet diverse specifications and packaging needs.

Standard Management

Achieve quality management with ERP software, raw materials are checked level by level to finished products.

Periodic Inspection

Being a well-known manufacture, to conduct inspection periodically is a must. According to differ requirements, it's also responsible to send products to the third party to be inspected.