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Medical Face Masks

Disposable Face Masks

Graminton medical face masks meet CNS14774 standard. Disposable face mask is composed of 3-layer non-woven fabrics, super elastics earloops, and adjustable nose clip. To provide safety, breathable, and comfortable wearing experience.

Medical Face Mask

Graminton disposable face mask is BFE(Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) test verified to filter 95% particulates. The face mask provides a physical barrier for droplets. 3-layer and single use design, nonsterile.

Adults Face Mask - Classic Color Series

Adults Face Mask - Coral Embossing Series

Kids Face Mask

Medical Face Mask

National CNS14774 Verified

✓  BFE≥95%
✓  Air Exchange Pressure≤5
✓  Free Formaldehyde≤75
✓  Azo Dyes≤30
✓  Free Migratable Fluorescent Substances

Details of Face Mask

Details Make the Difference

✓  3-Layer Construction - Safety and breathable
✓  Super Elastics Earloops - Keep long lasting comfort
✓  Adjustable Nose Clip - Fitable to the face
✓  Made In Taiwan - Premium quality

Manufacture Processes of Graminton Face Mask

Adults Face Mask-Classic color
Adults Face Mask - Coral Embossed
Kids Face Mask