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Our Visions

Founder’s Words

Success Comes from Needs

Graminton has started manufacturing disposable non-woven wipes since 1990's, the company steps into industry field at first. With excellent manufacturing capabilities industry professional wipes successfully sold to Japan. The company builds business relationship with Japanese corporation to develop non-woven sheet mask cloth, then even branching into the production of consumables in beauty salon and medical fields.

Non-woven Material Research Center and Biotechnology Research Center are then established successively. Automatic production equipment is installed as well to strengthen manufacture quality. These preparations aim to develop and manufacture safe and better-for-life products, that is Graminton’s primary mission.

Messages from CEO

Innovation & Continuously Improvement

“Innovation and continuously improvement are two key values of the company,” CEO says.

The development process of new material and skin products often costs one to two years. We are very cautious about each product, we always go out of our way to confirm the safety and effectiveness.

We study the field of non-woven fabrics, use the characteristics of natural fibers, artificial fibers, and synthetic fibers to analyze advantages of spunbonded, spunlace, and melt-blown produced by different manufacturing processes. In order to provide best products to customer, Graminton plays the professional role of seeking for the better solution.

Core Values

Put ourselves in the customer's position, offer the best solution.

Since the start, Graminton’s core values are putting ourselves in customer's position and providing the best solution. Because of the importance of keeping pace with the times and thinking changing, Graminton attaches great importance to talent cultivation., we invest in brand marketing learning and packaging design, to make Made-in-Taiwan cosmetics can be shown on the international market.

Future Look

Set two reaserch centers for the future layout

To establish “Non -Weaving Research Center" and "Biotechnology Research Center" is our insistence on products and future layouts of the enterprise. We show Taiwanese brand power by providing products that combine the latest material and R&D technology.