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Cosmetics OEM

ODM/OEM Cosmetics Manufacturing Process

With rich ODM/OEM experience, the professional R&D and design team and high-standard quality control, we provide complete services and tailor-made products for customers.

◆ Propose product based on customer needs ◆
◆ The R&D team provides the latest formula ◆
◆ One-stop manufacturing process ◆

Diverse Services

Catch market trends to create products. We're capable of producing a variety of products and forms includ liquids, oils, emulsions, creams, etc.

Facial Series

Facial masks, mud masks, essences, lotions, creams, exfoliants, gels, and more.

Body Care Series

Shower gel, partial mask, hand washing foam, body lotion, hand cream and more.

Hair Care Series

Shampoo, hair oil, conditioner, scalp exfoliator and more.

Sunscreen Series

Physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen, barrier cream and more.


Dry hand wash, makeup remover essence, eye cream, makeup setting spray and others.

Five Cosmetics Advantages

Exclusive Formulation

Formulate products corresponding to functions such as facial washing, skin care or sheet mask. Effectively reach consensus by "24 formulation form."

Insight into trends

Catch cosmetics trends, familiar with new materials and regulations. Intent to develop the latest formulation and product.

High Standard Manufacture

Sets a high manufacture standard, be equipped with ISO certification, class 100,000 clean rooms, water filtration systems, and liquid filling machines.

Hi-tech Production

GMAP, a facial mask sheet manufacture system completely controlled by the computer. Cooperate developed by Japan and Taiwan to effectively reduce artificial pollution.

High Quality Assurance

Conducts batch number management, standard manufacture, stability testing, three-stage cosmetic testing, and etc.

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