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Tailor Product for You

Tailor Product for You

Application of non-woven products is widely. Customization is not only earning customer satisfaction but also allowing companies enhance operating profits.

Beauty - Customized Cases

Brand of Bib

Customized bib for the brand, extending the brand identity and overall image.

Eye Mask

To moisturize and make eye area soothing, shape can be customized.

Cheek Mask

Retains moisture and restore skin's vitality, shape can be customized.

Neck Mask

For phubbers and mature skin, smoothen and improve skin elasticity, shape can be customized.

Breast Mask

Safe for pregnant women, soothe uncomfortable and help skin to be nourished.

Belly Mask

Safe for pregnant women, help to hydrate and relieve skin.

Healthcare - Customized cases

Medical Face Mask

Offers adult, children, pattern, and plain texture mask, package quantity can be customized.

Disposable Mask Gasket

Replaces mask gasket to extend the use time of mask. Breathable and skin-friendly, provide you with effective protection.

Green Nonwoven Lamp shape

Customized medical lampshade for dentistry to meet the needs of cleanliness, hygiene, and concentrating light.

Dry Wipe Roll

Puts a dry wipe roll in a bucket while adding sanitizer to create wet wipes for appropriate cleaning tasks.

Automatic induction anti-spill paper rewinding machine

When the elbow leaves the machine, the paper underneath is automatically recycled and stored in another isolation space to avoid cross-infection. The machine is an excellent alternative to the blood pillow.

Wiping - Customized Cases

Tissue Dispenser Box

The tissue dispenser box is portable and refillable. Simple design, delicate and good texture, embellishment of your life.

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