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Eight Protection Levels

Protection & Infection Control

Medical consumables are designed as effective barriers against contamination, they are devided into eight protection levels to meet using needs of medical professionals. Aid in high levels hygiene and also ensure price and quality.

Protection Levels of Medical Consumables

Protection LevelMaterialGSMColorApplication
Level One
Normal Protection
Non-woven20g/30g/40gWhite/Pink/BlueDisposable bed sheet
Ideal to be placed on treatment table, physiotherapy bed, massage beds, and etc.
Wood plup + PE film42gPink/BlueDental Bib
With PE film to resist moisture penetration. Suitable for dental, clinic, lab, and etc. 
Level Two
Examination Protection
Wood plup + PE film40g/54g/60gWhiteExam Table Paper   An effective barrier against contamination during examination processes.
Suitable for gynecologic diagnosis, endoscopy procedure, and etc. 
Level Three
Medical Protection-Basic
Wood plup non-woven
+ PE film
64gWhiteTowel Drape / Drape with Aperture
Level Four
Medical Protection-Advanced
Cotton non-woven
+ PE film
66gGreenDisposable Bed Pad
Level Five
Medical Protection-Premium
Non-woven + PE film66gWhiteTowel Drape / Drape with Aperture
Level Six
Surgery Protection-Basic
Non-woven + PE film84gBlueTowel Drape / Drape with Aperture
Level Seven
Surgery Protection-Advanced
SMS45gWhiteSurgical Gown / Towel Drape
Level Eight
Surgery Protection-Premium
SMMMS45gBlueSurgical Gown / Towel Drape / Drape with Aperture

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