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Biotechnology Development Center

Biotech Beauty Team

The team is composed of cosmetics, biology and beauty technology professionals. To research and develop high-performance and reliable beauty products.

【Biotech Skincare】
Combine scientifically-proven formulas to create safe and help improve overall skin quality skincare products.

Biotech Research and Formula

According to the characteristics of each raw material, study its possible application, do the best screening, design formula, and control microbial effectively. To achieve precise and accurate product development.

Water Treatment System

The seven-channel filtration program filters out microorganisms and ions. It not only reduces the addition of preservatives, but also avoids the reaction of active ingredients. Leave pure water as the main ingredient for skincare products.

✓ Monitor water quality and resistivity
✓ Circulating lines to prevent the breeding of microorganisms
✓ Sterilization by UV light

Better for Skin & Environment

We care of product safety and environmental sustainability.

✓ Environmentally friendly formulas
✓ Biodegradable sheet mask cloth
✓ Natural and organic certification
✓ High standard wastewater equipment

Three R&D Cores

Each cosmetics material has its uniqueness and has differ effect on the skin. Graminton research team selects and purchases raw materials carefully. We adopt materials from well-known and historically suppliers, such as BASF, DOW CHEMICAL, and DSM.

Certified Raw Materials

All of our raw materials have relevant certification which includes origin place, manufacturer, COA, SDS, TDS, data of effectiveness, and etc. To Ensure the quality and traceability of each raw material.

Scientifically Formulation

Build "24 formulation form" to effectively reach consensus of liquid or cream with customers, meanwhile adding factors such as skin condition, climate, and ages to customized appropriate texture.

R&D Innovation

Catch cosmetics trends, familiar with new materials and applications. Accurately create skin care products and exclusive formulas to meet customer needs.