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【L9133】Light Duty Wipes
【L9133】Light Duty Wipes
【L9133】Light Duty Wipes

Light Duty Wipes 

11cm X 19cm (±0.5)/PC,280(±2)PCS/PACK,60 PACKS/CARTON
Duty level: Light-duty
Material: Wood pulp fibers
Made In Taiwan
Features: SGS certified, compliant with RoHS. Soft touched, low lint, and with anti-static package
Application: Wipes for cleaning surfaces, parts, 
instruments in labs, laboratory lenses and more
1. Do not flush products down toilet.
2. Make sure products keep away from children mouth and flame.

【SGS certified】
✓  RoHS
ISO 13485
ISO 22716
ISO 9001

Instruments & Labs Wiping

✓  SGS certified, compliant with RoHS
✓  Absorbs small amount liquids and oil, maintains strength when wet
✓  Flip top design reduces dust and anti-static

Wood Pulp Plant Fibers

✓  Soft and won't cause surface scratches easily
✓  Ideal to adsorb small amount of water and oil
✓  Low lint and anti-static
✓  Stable material source, quality assurance

Flip Top Packaging

Flip top design reduces dust and anti-static. Ideal for using in clean rooms and wiping precision instruments.

Absorbent Quickly

Quickly absorb small amount of liquids
Suitable for detail cleaning of droppers and slides

Won't break easily when wet

Maintains a certain strength when wet
Can be unfolded after being wrung out

Ideal for laboratory & precision industry

Product is SGS certified and compliant with RoHS, flip top design effectively reduces dust and anti-static. Ideal for cleaning small particles, liquids, and dust on surfaces, instruments, lenses, and more.

SGS certified

Compliant with RoHS

Standard Management, Quality Product

Contact with international fiber companies to get premium materials, conduct regular SGS inspections, adopt product traceability systems, and strictly control product risks to provide the best product quality.

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