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Innovative Material Application

Application & Customization

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Environmental Sustainability

About Us

Graminton is confident to offer the suitable solution based on our three core abilities: Biotechnology research center, non-woven material research center, and latest equipment. With rich ODM/OEM experience, we provide complete services and tailor-made products for customers.


Cosmetics OEM

Product Procurement

Product Customization

5G Gold Standard

Gold standard represents Graminton five core advantages, they are good material, good quality, good product, good service, and good creation. We are not only a good partner with brand companies, but also a good friend of customers.

Good Material

Focus on the latest and diverse materials

Good Quality

Controls quality by “process automation” and “production tracking”

Good Product

Adopts the latest technology to improve quality of life

Good Service

Offers specific solutions to meet customers’ needs

Good Innovation

To achieve possibility of non-woven latest application

Partners around the world

Our customers are all over the world. We have partners from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, to Oceania continents.