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Sheet Mask Production

Cooperate with Japan, create the first fully automated equipment

Graminton introduces the first fully automated sheet mask manuacture equipment in 2016. Manufacture processes are monitoring by computers to enhance accuracy, reduce error values, and reduce the risk of artificial contamination.

GMAP Sheet Mask Production

Fully automated production processes reduce the risk of artificial contamination.

✓  Fully automated、Computer monitoring
✓  UV light sterilization、Stain detection
✓  Tailoring, Folding, Bagging
✓  Filling, Sealing, Leakage testing

Six Production Advantages

High Productivity

0.5 seconds / piece, monthly production 9 million pieces, able to ensure stable supply.

Quality Control

The manufacture system controls each production process, include stain detection, sterilization, filling and product weighting.

Environmental Friendly

Production consumables are sorted and recycled to reduce pollution.

Fully Automated

The fully automated production system effectively reduces the risk of artificial contamination and ensures quality of products.

Manufacture Precisely

Manufacture processes are monitored by computers to enhance accuracy and reduced error values.

Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Add anti-counterfeiting stamping, face pattern totems and arc cuts on sheet mask cloth to enhance brand recognition.

Identification Technology

✓ Brand Anti-counterfeiting Prints
✓ Facial Pattern Totems
✓ Clover Totems
✓ Left & Right Arc Cuts
✓ Up & Down Arc Cuts
✓ Label of Fully Automated Process

Four Exclusive Designs

Anti-counterfeiting Print

Printing customized designs on the sheet mask cloth, turn into unique and enhance recognition.

Facial & Clover Totems

Stamping facial and clover totems on the pearl paper, make essence be penetrated quickly.

Arc Cuts

Can separate the sheet mask from the pearl paper easily by pulling arc cuts.

Dotted Cut Lines

Dotted cut lines allow the mask to fit more closely to the face.