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【L7207】Power Cleaning Cloths
【L7207】Power Cleaning Cloths
【L7207】Power Cleaning Cloths
【L7207】Power Cleaning Cloths

Power Cleaning Cloths

32cm X 25cm(±1)/PC,640 (±2)PCS/ROLL,perforated,2 ROLLS/CARTON
Duty level: Heavy-duty
Material: Melt blown non-woven
Made In Taiwan
Features: Made of melt blown technology, super durable and low lint. Acid- and base-resistant, ideal for applications with solvents and alcohol.
Application: Designed to machine and part, engine assembly/repair, LCD panel assembly, printing and glass cleaning.
1. Do not flush products down toilet.
2. Make sure products keep away from children mouth and flame.
3. Can withstand temperatures up to about 80 degrees Celsius.

【SGS certified】
✓  Free of formaldehyde
✓  Free of heavy metals
✓  Free of E. coli
✓  Free of migrating fluorescent agent
✓  Food contact and package material
ISO 13485
ISO 22716
ISO 9001

Printing & Paint Factory Wiping

✓  Porous fine fibers, filters liquids and gases 
✓  Super absorbency, ideal for collecting dirts and oil
✓  Can be cleaned with solvents and alcohol

Melt Blown Nonwoven

✓  Soft fibers with strong strength
✓  Low lint and super oil absorbent
✓  The cloth is solvent resistant
✓  Stable material source, quality assurance

Powerfully removes grease

Effectively absorbs printing ink and machine oil, quickly makes emvironment clean

High strength structure

The cloth is solvent resistant, can be used with alcohol or organic solvents to clean dirt

Ideal for printing and repairing industry

Product is SGS certified, solvent resistant and super absorbent. Designed to machine and part, engine assembly/repair, and printing cleaning.

SGS certified

Free of formaldehyde

Free of heavy metals

Free of E. coli

Free of migrating fluorescent agent

Standard Management, Quality Product

Contact with international fiber companies to get premium materials, conduct regular SGS inspections, adopt product traceability systems, and strictly control product risks to provide the best product quality.

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