About Company
What are Graminton main products and services?
Graminton is a professional manufacturer of materials development and application. With a background in biotechnology, we provide professional solutions in various fields, covering nonwoven products and customized services in medical, beauty, industrial, technology, and etc.
Can Graminton assist in developing new nonwoven products?
Sure, Graminton has decades of R&D and market experience. We discuss formulas and production methods with customers to provide products with the best performance.
Does Graminton have a physical store or available for pick up products?
We currently do not have physical stores. For retail services, please visit the official online platform "GShop" to do shopping. As for bulk purchases, please contact us and our professionals will provide services you need.
Do products have relevant certification?
Products according to each types are produced based on ISO 9001, ISO13485, and ISO22716 standards. Raw materials meet the four major SGS inspections and also be sent for inspection according to different product attributes.
Is there a catalog of all products?
E-catalogue is available on the official website, it contains full series products info. Offer downloading, browsing, and printing functions.