Mask Production


Best shapes of sheet masks for different markets.


Patented curve on protective film (BOPP film) for removing upward easily.

Anti-fake Mark

Exclusive and customized embossed stamp to enhance brand identity.

Patterned Carving

Patented clover carving on protective film (BOPP film) enhances permeation when essence is filled.

Patented perforations

Make sheet mask fit face perfectly by adjusting patented perforations without damage.

Automatic Production System

1.Automatic production: No contact contamination.
2.CCD Detector: Detect masks with lager than 0.05cm stains on.
3.Central control system: Stable quality and mass production.
4.Anti-fake mark: Customized marks, labels, and logos.
5.Eco-awareness: Waste disposal for reducing secondary pollution.



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