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Graminton Enterprise Ltd was founded in 1992 with three major OEM and ODM advantages, which are sheet mask, formula and manufacturing process. We are constantly offering best service, and aim to supply high-quality products. 
 【1st Advantage: Various Sheet Mask】
Graminton supplies various sheet mask materials to the market, for example, the ultra-thin 0.028cm botanical fiber; TENCEL® registered trademark of Lenzing for lyocell fiber; a black charcoal fiber within up to 40% charcoal content; a special elastic fiber. Besides, the partial sheet mask is also within our supply scope such us eye sheet mask; T-shaped; chin and neck sheet mask; body (includes breast, belly and hip sheet mask).
 【2nd Advantage: Manufacturing Process】
Graminton Mask Advanced Process which is a multinational collaboration with Japan and integrates six innovative concepts. The automatic production system keeps away from contaminations by human errors and enhances the production capacity, providing customers with the highest quality product. Currently, there are total four machines in Taiwan and three of them are located in Graminton.
【3rd Advantage: Formula】
We are constantly developing skincare product and mask formulation with our own 4x6 formulation format to enhance and meet the needs of customer.


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