• Knee mask

    We have developed knee masks based on our clients' requirements. The knee masks can brighten and repair the rough and dark areas, and make the pigment on the knee faded gradually.

  • Neck masks

    We developed neck masks specifically for Asian females as it is easily to be left out. It is more fragile and lack of sebum, the dryness could lead to more traces on the neck.

  • Cheek masks

    Specifically developed for cheek repairing and renewing, with essence to moisten our cheeks.

  • Butterfly eye masks

    Tailor-made service, special-designed eye masks for your skincare that makes you feel like being at a party.

  • Shoe shape eye mask

    Unique shoe shape eye mask , more choices for customers.

  • Eyeshade mask

    According to customer demands, we develop a eyeshade style mask, eye care must be took care as well.

  • Bib

    Tailor-made for exclusive brands.

  • Medical lamp

    Customized for dental use, clean, hygiene, and condensing.

  • Wipe paper for disinfection use (drawoff)

    Drawoff wipe paper for disinfection use, spun lace material, soft and gentle.

  • Disposable grade bib

    Customized bib, water-proof design offering protection , clean and sanitary. Suitable for using in medical., beauty salon, and restaurants.



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